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Review of Play Blackjack Casino

There are no rewards for guessing the subject of this one. When someone recommends, you’ll know precisely what to expect as the webpage loads. Alternatively, are you?

True and false, but before we go into that, let’s start with the fundamentals. is not the most sophisticated website we’ve seen, but it’s also not the most out-of-date. Once the landing page manifests (which, it should be noted, does not take long), you quickly realize this. The page’s center section has a slider picture reel that alternates between photos of beautiful and (supposedly rich) individuals gambling their money and (hopefully) winning at roulette tables and montage shots of cards, dice, and mobile phones.

The latter may seem a little strange at first, until you notice the top row of menu click-through buttons. You’ll see several links underneath the logo: the first is Home, which you’re currently on; the second is Casino Games, which is why we’re all here; and the third is Mobile Games. As a result, the photograph features a smartphone.

Even more conspicuous are the offers and promos, which are likewise shown on a constantly changing cycle of slider images, but with text instead of photos. You’ll immediately note the 300 percent incentive for joining up, as well as the site’s general push for you to switch to a mobile device in order to fully use what’s here. Indeed, this is a fairly contemporary design, suggestive of the fact that creators certainly do not want to fall behind the trends. Nice.

Now, how about we click on something?

Consider beginning with Casino Games. If you choose this option, you’re likely to be mildly underwhelmed by what you see. There are just not enough aesthetic intricacies and flourishes to pique your attention in the manner that the top casino sites do.

The first thing you’ll notice is a four-paragraph piece of prose explaining what has to offer. The text itself is written in a font that offers nothing in the way of aesthetics—almost as if it were a placeholder typeface rather than one that was added to the page because it looks great. As a consequence, you’re not compelled to study any of the details, simply because they seem so basic and dull.

Continue scrolling down the page and you’ll come across many thumbnail-style boxes, each providing a different kind of Blackjack, then Craps, then Video Poker, and finally Slots. If you’re a fan of Blackjack, and chances are you are, this is very appealing, but the plain visuals and uninspiring design are unlikely to win over the majority of individuals eager to bet some money.

And how about mobile games?

Mobile games are ubiquitous these days, and you really need to be on top of your game if you’re operating a website that offers users the opportunity to play for real money on the move.

Regrettably, this is another place where falls short. It only provides 11 Mobile Casino Games, or so it seems when you click on the choice, which is a pretty limited quantity when compared to several rival websites we’ve encountered on the market.

Therefore, what is the appeal?

That is an excellent question, and one that we do not want to pose in vain. Simply said, does not seem to be able to compete with the best on every level, and promotions and special offers are only another illustration of this deficiency.

We’ve previously highlighted the generous-sounding 300 percent incentive for new users, but the real issue is this: does the website provide any more promotional discounts for new members? Once again, there is an area where BlackJack falls short of the mark – there are very few alternative options on the metaphorical table. No, scratch that; there are no other offers on the table, and that is just unacceptable.

Do ‘Comps’ Not Redeem the Casino?

That is entirely subjective. If you click on the menu choice for Comps, you’ll learn all you need to know about the casino owners’ ‘cashback’ program. Regrettably, this again falls well short of many websites we’ve seen when doing this task, and basically, when considering the necessity on your part, it’s just not good enough.

PlayBlackjack will refund you $1 for every $500 you bet. If something doesn’t sound incredible, it’s probably because it isn’t. Not at all. Nonetheless, it’s preferable than a kick in the teeth with a heavy boot from an angry, bitter, fully grown man (or woman), so keep that in mind.

Our Verdict

As truly lovely individuals, it’s tough for us to launch a barrage of vitriol on any website or its creators, but those behind make that rule very difficult to follow.

To begin, the jet black backdrop and uninspired usage of bog standard typefaces do little to entice you to stay and examine what the site has to offer. That is perhaps the mildest of our general comments. Additionally, you have a rather limited selection of games, with the promotion of mobile games seemingly at odds with the provision of mobile games—having 11 to show off is unlikely to impress anyone, and pales into insignificance when compared to the many other online casinos that place a premium on mobile versions of casino games.

Thus far, so mediocre; consider that you have a respectable-enough opening offer of a $300 bonus for joining, but that’s where the promotions end, and things appear to deteriorate from there. Sure, there’s the ‘cashback’ concept, which sounds wonderful until you realize you’re only earning 0.2 cents for every dollar spent, and you have to spend – or risk spending – $500 to take advantage of it, at which point the entire thing falls apart.

Fundamentally, we’re amazed that this kind of thing is financially possible in today’s world, albeit the absence of complete assistance alternatives such as email and online chat does ensure that overheads will be minimal. Simply said, this is one of those URLs that is best avoided due to its severe lack of competitive advantages, so why would you spend your time?

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